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Workshops and Coaching on Menorca.

Dreams come true...

That is how we changed our work place and we would like to invite you to our language coaching and  trainings on Menorca, which combine holidays and education.

Imagine that you wake up in the morning, you go to the terrace, you can hear the birds sing and the waves rustle, you can see the Mediterranean Sea, palm trees, flowers in all shades of red, white, yellow. You leave the building, you can smell coffee and salty, fresh air. It is warm and not too hot, thanks to the breeze. The warmth relaxes your body easily. Humidity makes plants juicy green and for human beings it is a 24/7 delicate sauna that naturally takes your unnecessary reserves away and gives you a feeling of lightness.

Our classes help you to learn any foreign language and Menorca is an ideal place to practice Spanish, Catalan, English and German, e.g. on wild beaches.

Enroll online at:  http://www.gburek.com.pl/join/gb

Language coaching takes place in the picturesque village, Es Castell; workshops - in a cottage house Bellver sites.google.com/site/lacasadelamareterra/home/imagenes One day in Bellver costs 35 EUR (bed + 3 meals).

Hotels in Es Castell:

Flight information: http://www.menorca-airport.com/en/airport_info.php

Internet classes remain the same.

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We make it easier for people to communicate. We want as many people as possible to speak foreign languages. We revolutionize the process of learning foreign languages so that it contributes to a comprehensive development of the students’ personality and character. We combine business with the promotion of learning foreign languages.
That's what the blog is about.

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Workshops and Coaching on Menorca.

Dreams come true...

That is how we changed our work place and we would like to...

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