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6 days, 8 hours a day

6-day-Training is a complete set of tools for learning languages. We share with you our 11-year-old business experience in the field of teaching foreign languages and over 20-year-old experience of learning foreign languages. You can attend Trainings the way you choose to: 1 time 6 days, 2 times 3 days etc.


1 day, 8 hours a day

1-day-Trainig is a part of the set from the option Maxi


lecture - 90 minutes
+ individual training – 60 minutes

During the lecture and in class we discuss the most important linguistic targets and challenges of the Participants.

or trainings in installments
orLanguage coaching

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We make it easier for people to communicate. We want as many people as possible to speak foreign languages. We revolutionize the process of learning foreign languages so that it contributes to a comprehensive development of the students’ personality and character. We combine business with the promotion of learning foreign languages.
That's what the blog is about.

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