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Can you be (or not be) talented with languages?
Talent with languages is one of the myths we love to debunk. Singing, dancing and speaking are instincts. Ewa Wycichowska, the Head of the Polish Dance Theatre who organizes Dancing Workshops can convince everyone that they can dance. Seth Riggs, whose many students were awarded with Grammy says: I have been working for over 30 years and I met only 4 hard of hearing. As for the rest, I taught all of them how to sing. We adapt this approach for learning foreign languages and present it at our Trainings in an Assertive Approach to Self-Directed Language Education. We are of the opinion that anyone who speaks their mother tongue is able to master a foreign language.

Why am I to come to the Training? I prefer spending this money on a 2 weeks English course in London.

- in London, you learn in a group of several people, here you get ready to practice your English ONLY with native speakers one to one;
- in London, you learn merely English, while methods from our Workshops can be used for learning every foreign language;
- in London, you have a chance to be in a group with many other Polish students;
- you can make a giant leap within 2 weeks, however, you cannot learn a language, especially if you start from the elementary level
- instead of going for a course in London, learn English with our help and go on holiday say to Egypt with an English tour operator, i.e. only with Englishmen (20 "teachers" and you).

We make it easier for people to communicate. We want as many people as possible to speak foreign languages. We revolutionize the process of learning foreign languages so that it contributes to a comprehensive development of the students’ personality and character. We combine business with the promotion of learning foreign languages.
That's what the blog is about.

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